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Customized Online Store Applications

Open Source E-Commerce Solutions have changed the phase of online shopping stores. People have now jumped off to web, rather than going to a near-by shop to purchase grocery or any household item. And this, of course has made the big world smaller, as the lots of products & services can be caught hold of just through a website! osCommerce is one of those rapid open source technologies upon which one can built online shop and can get amazing shopping experience. It is built upon PHP, Apache and MySQL based environment which is backed by an array of modules.

osCommerce development can be done by web application developers offering services on open source customization & development. Web developers can build an online shopping store integrated with payment module sophisticatedly with tempting designs and huge category display module. It provides outstanding performance as osCommerce has powerful back-end support and is compatible with PHP4 and PHP5 versions too.

The developers’ community are still working upon osCommerce and making it more flexible to use by the users. Experts can take care of all the requirements of your business and make strikingly front end features enabled in the web based applications. It can be easily installed, configured and designed the way one wants to. The professionals offer changeable templates, shipping options as per place, region, products so that the owners can present their stores to the customers uniquely. Themes are also available so as the owners can fit their website and customize it accordingly.

osCommerce customization allows modification of structures as per the client’s requirements. The online merchants can also add on some features in a modular manner and improve their website from time to time.

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